nude workshop Novi Sad

3 days / 6 models

October 4-5-6
Things to Do in

Novi Sad

Novi Sad (Serbian Cyrillic: Нови Сад) is the second largest city in Serbia, the capital of the autonomous province of Vojvodina and the administrative centre of the South Bačka District.

Sights & Landmarks

Svetozar Miletic Square

A place that you will most likely visit, planing it or not. It is simply in the center of all happenings. A lot of different events are going on there throughout the year, from winter market, to various concerts. Anyhow, with or without the event on the square, a must see thing in Novi Sad.

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Nature & Parks

Danube Park

Peaceful and quiet, with plenty of benches around so you can just sit and enjoy the view of a small lake with swans.

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Monuments & Statues

Monument to the Victims of the Raid

The monument to Jewish victims who died in the 1940’s is a poignant reminder of the human capacity to treat other humans in the most inhumane of ways.

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Sights & Landmarks

Petrovaradin Catacombs

You`ll experience the 300 years old underground, smell the soil and clay, inhale dust and spirits of ancient warriors. You will hear the hearth beats of those close to you and you will touch the walls of one of the most beautiful master pieces of fortifications. We are going to an adventure which is a creative workshop of the association “3D World – UGRIP” who is exploring the underground and struggling for its preservation. Ahead of us lie more than 30 kilometers of tunnels of which only 900 meters are officially explored. The maize of the tunnels is shaped in four levels of defense with more than 10 floors of galleries one beneath the other. If you heard about the stories of dragon who is feasting with curious tourists and treasure hunters, about hidden nazi train, about the tunnel beneath the Danube river, about the tiger …

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Sights & Landmarks

The Clock Tower

The clock dates from around 1750 and the unusual feature is that the large hand is the hour hand. This was done so that sailors on the river below could more easily read the hour.

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Sacred & Religious Sites

Fruska Gora Monasteries

A special place for both religious and ecological tourism. Nature is unique with dense forests, small streams, resting places and paths. Small villages, hospitable residents and rich land. The monasteries are many, others are restored and others are not. Many suffered during World War II from the conquerors. It’s worth going for even one day. Access is easy as there are plenty of roads.

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Usefull data

  • Accomodation
  • Arrivas
Info: 11tica Hotel, Address: Matice srpske 11 21000 Novi Sad, Srbija; Telephone: +381 21 3 830 767 +381 69 3 830 767; Email: Web:
All of the participants will arrive at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport on 4th October. From there the participants are going to be transferred and accommodated in Novi Sad (approximately 70 km) in a luxury mini-van.